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Cherry Tomato Plants, Part II

Updated: Jan 2

Black Cherry is a larger, burgundy colored cherry. The taste is sweet and complex, somewhat reminiscent of Cherokee Purple. The plant is large and productive. This one is popular for a reason. Picture from Baker Creek, where we got the seeds from.

Sister Keyes is a green when ripe, pear shaped cherry. Green when ripe tomatoes typically turn a yellowish or amber color when they ripen. These are very sweet and one of my daughter's favorites. Picture from Bounty Hunter Seeds, where the original seeds came from. You can see in this picture that the ones closer to the camera are more ripe.

Chocolate Sprinkles is a brown striped cherry with excellent sweet flavor. This was originally a request; we continue to grow it because it's a great tomato. Picture from Warner's Produce.

Cosmic Jewell is a short plant that produces high yields of pear shaped red cherry tomatoes with antho shoulders. Great flavor and a juicy tomato. Picture from Warner's Produce.

Brandysweet Plum is an elongated cherry that was bred from Brandywine. The plants are potato leafed and vigorous. Picture from Tomato Growers.

Sugar Lump is a sweet, heirloom, round, red cherry type. It's also known as Gardeners Delight. Productive and resistant to cracking. Picture from Totally Tomatoes, where our seed came from.

Sweet Pea Current is new to us this year. I got a couple of requests for a current tomato, which is smaller than a typical cherry. After looking around, we decided on this one. It's supposed to produce an incredible amount of fruit with a sweet, rich flavor. Picture from Territorial Seeds.

Isis Candy is named after the Egyptian goddess and is a bicolor cherry with very sweet flavor. This has been a staple in our line up for years and is a favorite of our customers. Picture from Tomato Growers.

Tropical Sunset is another bicolor, though slightly larger than Isis Candy. Excellent flavor with large plants. Picture from Warner's Produce.

Pink Bumble Bee is a pink striped tomato with a sweet flavor that grow on long trusses. Plants are tall and vigorous. Picture from Baker Creek Seeds.

One more group of cherry tomatoes to go after this.

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