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• Delivery also available to Sioux Falls Area

($30 minimum order + $8.00 delivery fee)

Delivery Notes & Instructions

As of right now, delivery is available to a 10-mile radius around Sioux Falls.

Products are delivered every Tues (subject to change around holidays).  There is a $30 minimum order and an $8 delivery fee.  Orders must be in by the previous Friday at 7:00 pm.  If you have a later order, please email or message us.  We may be able to accommodate you, but this is not guaranteed.  Leave the address for the delivery in the Notes box when placing the order, along with instructions about where the produce should be left.  For example: in the garage, in the cooler on the front step, etc. 

During the Winter, we'd advise people to have a location for the produce that is above freezing or a person available to take the produce inside soon after delivery.  Please also leave a phone number where you can be reached on delivery day.  Thank you!

Delivery Notes
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