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Cherry Tomato Plants, Part III

Updated: Jan 2

Here are the last of the cherry tomato plants we plan to grow and sell this year. We may have others that are impulsively planted or some of them may suffer a crop failure, be aware that this is just our plan. The first of them will be planted this Sunday (March 5th).

Barry's Crazy Cherry is a medium sized plant that produces absolute loads of yellow, pointed cherry tomatoes. The flavor is mild and sweet with only a little tang. Great for snacking. Picture from Jake's Seeds.

Prairie Fire is a recently developed variety. It's an oblong red with yellow/orange stripes and a very sweet flavor. It's size is small enough that I categorize it as a cherry, but some sources consider it a small paste type. This is our first year growing it and I'm looking forward to trying this one. Picture from Baker Creek Seeds.

Yellow Pear is an older variety that has stood the test of time. It's one of the oldest domesticated tomatoes, actually. Large sprawling vines produce numerous yellow, pear shaped tomatoes. Good flavor and the plants will produce vigorously until frost. Picture from St. Clare Seeds.

Maddeline's Vine Candy is a dehybridized version of Sunsugar. Large productive plants with sweet orange cherry tomatoes. Picture from Delectation of Tomatoes.

Blush is a an elongated bicolor grape tomato. This is our first year growing this one, as well, but it as awesome reviews. It's supposed to be a very tasty tomato. Picture from Bounty Hunter Seeds.

And that's the end of our cherry types. Stay tuned for more types, probably round reds next.

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