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Eggplant Plants for Spring

Updated: Jan 2

We're planning on six types of eggplant bedding plants to sell at the Farmer's Market this spring. All eggplants can be eaten at any stage of development, but most of the pictures show them at full maturity.

Black Beauty is the most common variety and is very popular at the Market. I don't think it's the tastiest but many people enjoy this one. Picture from Snake River Seed Cooperative.

Ping Tung is a long skinny variety that is tender and versatile. It's a favorite of my mom's. Picture from High Mowing Seed.

Casper is an all white, somewhat elongated eggplant. One of the most common white varieties. Picture from Seed Savers Exchange.

Romanesca eggplant is also called Tonda Bianca Sfumata di Rosa. In fact, that's the name on the seed packet we use. However it's much easier to write and pronounce Romanesca, so that's how we label this variety. It's a round, mild, lavender/white eggplant. Picture from NE Seed.

Mitoyo is a Japanese variety. It's dark purple, pear shaped and stays tender even when it gets big. Picture from Baker Creek Seeds, which is where we got the seeds from.

Rosita is a light purple to dark pink eggplant. It's a non-bitter variety that originates in Puerto Rico and produces well. Picture from Fedco Seeds, where our Rosita seeds came from.

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