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Paste Tomatoes

Updated: Jan 2

Our paste types include the following varieties.

Gilbertie is a 6 to 7 inch long red tomato with meaty flesh. It cooks down well and is a prolific producer. Picture from High Mowing Seeds.

paste tomatoes - gilbertie

Super Sauce is a hybrid that produces large thick fruit on compact plants. Excellent yields. Picture from Warner's Produce.

paste tomatoes - super sauce

Granny's Throwing Tomato is a the Australian name for an Italian heirloom also known as Periforme Abruzzese. A pear shaped tomato with dense flesh and fewer seeds than usual, it's great for both fresh eating and sauce. Picture from Warner's Produce.

paste tomatoes - granny's throwing tomato

Sioux Empire Paste is an elongated pink paste with a nose at the end. It's descended from Brandywine and has great fresh flavor as well as being a good sauce tomato. Easy to peel. Picture from Warner's Produce.

paste tomatoes - sioux empire paste

Ludmilla's Peach is an orange paste tomato. It's thick fleshed and good tasting even before it's sauced. Once it's paste, the taste is even better. Picture from Warner's Produce.

paste tomatoes - ludmilla's peach

Pomodoro Cuore Antico di Acqui Terme (or just Aqui Terme) is an elongated oxheart that makes for a superior sauce. It's an heirloom from near Aqui Terme in Italy and has a sweet flavor when eaten fresh and becomes a rich sauce when cooked down. Picture from Secret Seed Cartel.

paste tomatoes - aqui terme elongated oxheart for superior sauce

Warner's Produce

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Montrose, South Dakota 57048

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