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Container Pepper Varieties for Spring

Updated: Jan 2

Our container peppers will mostly be in two gallon pots. These varieties are ones that are small enough to stay in these pots for the whole summer, though you can plant them out if you wish. If you keep them in the containers, remember that they'll need to be fertilized every week or so and watered every day or every other day.

These have not typically been a huge seller for us, so we only have a few of each type.

Gypsy is a new one for us. It's a sweet cubanelle type hybrid that stays short and produces well. It's fruit matures from ivory or light green to yellow, then orange and finally red. The peppers are about four inches long, with wider shoulders that taper to a point. The flavor is supposed to be very sweet, like a bell. We also have this variety as a bedding plant in quart pots. The picture is from Burpee Seeds.

Pizza is a green to red, pointed pepper with a small amount of heat. They're very tasty and grow well in containers. We grew a few last year, but they were all sold before I could grab one to grow out for myself and save seed from. So we're using up the remaining seed from last year. Hopefully I'll remember to take one before they're gone this year. Picture from Territorial Seed.

Medusa is our smallest pepper plant. They stay about 7-8 inches around and only get about a foot tall. The peppers are long, slightly curly fruit that turn from ivory to red and have little if any heat. A very pretty plant and it can add a peppery flavor to any dish you use it in. We put these in smaller containers since they don't need a two gallon pot. The seeds we're still using were collected about 10 years ago by our oldest child when he was in a pepper growing phase. The picture is from Chili Pepper Heaven, since we don't seem to have taken any pictures of them ourselves. I'll have to correct that this year.

Calcatta is a variegated, medium heat pepper. It has two to three inch long fruit that start ivory, then go to yellow, orange and red. Ornamental as well as edible. Picture is from Forgotten Heirlooms.

Sweet Pickle is a sweet snacker type. Multiple colors can be on the plant at the same time. Picture is from Tomato Growers.

We also planted some Fresh Bites Orange peppers. They're a little farther behind since the other varieties are already sprouted. But they look interesting. They're a sweet green to orange mini bell on short plants. Picture from Territorial Seed, where the seeds were purchased.

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