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Red Tomato Plants, Part II

Anna Russian is an oxheart tomato that grows on a wispy leafed plant. Despite the appearance of the plant, the droopy leaves are normal for this variety. Tomatoes are large and meaty. Picture from St. Clare Seeds, where the seeds were purchased from.

Brandywine Pink is the heirloom that started the recognition of heirloom taste. A large, tasty beefsteak on a potato leaf plant. First mention of the variety is from 1885. Picture from Burpee Seeds.

Super Sioux was developed in the 1940's at the University of Nebraska to be well adapted for conditions in the midwest. It's a round red tomato with old fashion tomato flavor. It's been very popular in our region since it's development. Picture from TomatoFest.

Pink Giant Ukrainian is an heirloom from Ukraine. The tomatoes are large, pink and the flavor is excellent. One of our better varieties last year. Picture from Warner's Produce.

Dester is a large German heirloom with full rich flavor. Originally brought over from Germany by Dr. Dester, it was then passed to his housekeeper and later to a local farmer. Picture from Tomato Growers.

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